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h1 A New Blog
- 2018-12-30

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog. Stretch your legs. Make yourself at home.


I used to be quite active on Medium.com, but I don’t think the site has been changing for the better, and want to try something new. Something that’s my own. Something where I have the creative freedom to structure it however I like.

So this is it.

Is this a dat:// site?

It’s not. At least: not yet. Perhaps we’ll get there eventually, but for now I’m happy to build a static site, and distribute it from my own server. I’ve always wanted to be better at managing servers, and this is a fun addition to my growing collection of things running on a single 5/euro month instance. Keeping things static means performance is reliable, and reliability is nice for hobby projects.

A long story short: perhaps I’ll make the jump to dat:// eventually. But not right now.


You can find the source on github.com/yoshuawuyts/blog, and the server configuration on github.com/yoshuawuyts/server. The theme is Zola After Dark, but I expect it won’t be long before I start tinkering with it.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading! I hope you visit again soon!